Sunday, October 01, 2006


Why is football always on now? I think only fridays are football free. I think it is a terrible idea. Too much football.

My friends had their baby today. So cute little Madison. I love her already.

Going Pink

cyndromeda is going pink. Check out this site to find out more

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Health Check

I was looking through some of my other posts and realized that I had talked about my back and my tooth. Both of which are pretty good now. My back sometimes hurts but it’s not so bad anymore. I don't have to go to the dr. anymore for it I can just do my exercises at home.

On June 14 I got the final part of my tooth done and I now have a tooth again. It originally happened in November 2005 so it’s been a while. I only have to go back one more time for a check up and then I will be all good. Then I will probably have to go back anyway just because it is regular go to the dentist time.

Blah this has been the year of the Dr. for me and I don't like going to the Dr.

Nova Scotia

We were in Nova Scotia June 2 - 11. What a beautiful place. Ok it did rain all but 2 of the days we were there and even on the non-rain days the visibility was very low. But still it was a great time. I am still sorting through the pictures and I will put them up shortly. Here is the cool thing. We saw moose. Three to be exact. Several of the locals said that they have lived there their whole lives and have never seen a moose. Meanwhile they have street signs warning of moose. I thought it was going to be like deer around here. Like you actually have to worry that you might hit one if you aren't careful. But apparently a moose sighting is rare even for Canadians.

So I suppose we are lucky to have seen one young male and one female with her baby. And we saw the female while we were hiking so she and her baby we so close. Danny and I wanted to see a moose so bad. When we got on that trail Danny was like "we have to see a moose." But all the sudden he started getting scared. If you know Danny you know he is terrified of dogs so imagine a moose much larger than most dogs being close to him. I don't know why he didn't think about that before he got me all excited for seeing a moose.

As we got further down the trail he progressively became closer and closer to me. Then he said "ya know what it’s getting dark and I think we should turn around". It was easy to see that the thought of actually seeing a moose was becoming a bit scary for him. I said "no way I am turning around now". Then we got a little further and he said he smelled animal. And it was true I smelled it too like a really dirty wet dog. A musky smell. I have heard on various TV documentaries that there is a smell right before you see Sasquatch. I reminded Danny of this fact.

At this point he was pretty scared. I still refused to turn around though and I think he realized that if he turned around he would have to face the moose (or Sasquatch) on his own if one decided to come near the trail behind us. So he decided he would feel better if he has a weapon. He found a nice thick stick about 3 feet in length. Almost shillelagh like. So now he was ready for whatever challenge the moose presented. And in a way he was right to be afraid I mean it was calving season and females can be very aggressive when they have babies around.

Finally I stopped and quietly said there is a moose. I stopped with enough space so that I thought Danny would be able to look without getting too freaked out. He was a little freaked and he kept his shillelagh close. I of course wanted a picture. Especially when I noticed that there was a baby lying next to the mommy. Woah what a picture op I thought. Danny thought let's get the hell out of here before this thing attacks us. But I very quietly walked over to a distance from the moose which Danny was comfortable with and snapped a couple of pictures. At this point Danny saw that the moose was just laying there and didn't even react to me so he wanted to take some pictures on his own and get a better look as well.

So we walked back to the car and headed back to our hotel. On the road we saw another moose a male this time eating some plants close to the highway. And then I saw a beaver in a pond near the highway and Danny stopped and we took some pictures. Nice all the wildlife and I didn't even tell you about the Atlantic Puffins yet. heh. So the pictures will be up soon and I hope I have you excited for them now.


So I was thinking about changing to a new blog. This one is really not being a friend several of the links are broken. Of course I could fix them but the whole point to having this blog on blogger in the first place was because I didn't want to have to maintain this stuff myself. Its all about being lazy. But it seems like as usual being lazy does not pay off. Looks like I am going to have to come up with a new solution. I know its good for me anyway. Always best to be up to date with the latest technology.

Later that day......

Dude I think I fixed it. Maybe all will be well afterall.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nothing Shocking

The last few weeks have been about my back. I was sitting at my desk at work and I started to get aching from the waist down. I felt like I was getting the flu. It persisted the rest of the day into the night. When I woke up the next day I could tell it was my back and not the flu. The pain was intense and it radiated down my leg. I am not a doctor but I would say that is sciatica. I have periodically had a pain that I thought was sciatica but it would stop hurting in a day or so and sometimes in a matter of hours. But this time felt different worse than anything ever. I started doing some back exercises that I remembered from when I had physical therapy back in 1989 when I was in a car accident. Nothing was helping. I am not a fan of going to the doctor. So I waited for my good 'ol back to heal itself. I was just taking ibuprofen which was doing nothing for me. So two weeks went by and I wasn't getting any better. What the heck?? So I did it I went ahead and made a dumb doctors appointment. This is when I learned how crappy my insurance is. You have to get a referral for everything. So I had my appointment and she said I should get x-rays and take some naproxin (which didn't help at all). I got the x-rays and made an appointment to see the real back doctor. My appointment was on a Tuesday. I get to the lobby and there is a huge line. So since I am so shy and don't want to ask what is going on I got on the line. Seemed like the right thing to do. The line wasn't moving. Two times a woman came up to me and asked if she was supposed to wait in the line. Uhh This is my first time here I don't know. The second of the two women asked the nurse at the desk. It turns out that each desk has a different Drs name on it and you are supposed to sign in at the desk with your Drs. name. OK so I go to the table with my Dr's name. Now there is only one person in front of me. Blah.

The doctor told me that it was sciatica and that I shouldn't go to work for the rest of the week. She wanted me to get an MRI so we can see if it is being caused from muscles or if I have a herniated disk. This is where the bad insurance thing comes in again. I go back to the office to check out. I have to wait on line in the queue for my doctor again. There are two men in front of me that appear to be together. They are taking forever. Some guy goes up to the receptionist next to me that is not for my Dr. The guy is doing his thing and when he says his Drs. name it is not the same name as on the sign. So I am thinking I will go to her when he is done. There is some guy all antsy walking around with a piece of paper in his hand. He looks like a homeless junky. Finally the guy in front of me is done. But it turns out that the two guys weren't together so the second guy (who also does not have my Dr.) says something that makes the receptionist say oh I have to go in the back and check on something. She leaves. The guy next to me finishes up and wouldn't you know it before I get a chance to go to the receptionist next to me Mr. Junky gets in there. Of course he has something weird. He apparently has something for someone there. But he only has her name on a piece of paper. I am thinking he is illiterate. The receptionist doesn't know what to do about this. The other receptionist (the one I am waiting for) comes back and finishes up with the guy in front of me. I am next! But the receptionist with the junky asks her about the paper. Now they both leave and are running around trying to figure out what to do with whatever the junky is dropping off because the woman who's name is on the paper is not in the office today. Oh bother! The junky is getting all agitated he wants the paper back. He is complaining under his breath. Finally that is resolved they will take whatever it is that the junky has and leave it for the woman who will most likely be there tomorrow. Genius. OK its finally my turn. I tell the woman that I need to make an appointment for an MRI. She says oh you need to go down the hall and make 2000 right turns and you will see MRI. Thanks bye there is nothing I can do for you here. Great I waited all this time to find out I am in the wrong place. So I go all the way to the MRI room. Its a pretty far walk and my back is killing me at this point. I am a little frustrated. I get to the office and this woman is watching a soap on the waiting room TV. She says she isn't the receptionist but she can help me. She wants my prescription for the MRI. I hand her the form that I was given from my doctor. She says no I need a prescription like the ones in my hand. I look through the pile of prescriptions and its not there. I don't have one I say can't you just use this form. No I need a prescription and I need a precert number. A what??? A precert number just go back to your Dr. and get a precert number and a prescription and then I can do the MRI right now if you can get that stuff I have an opening. OK. I go all the way back to the doctors. This is even further that the receptionist desk that I mentioned earlier. When I get there I see my doctor walking in the background. I say I need a prescription for the MRI and she says oh right the nurse just found a prescription on the copier she left it there when she made copies of your scripts. OK great thanks for making me trudge all over the place with an aching back and legs. So then I say can I get a precert number? Oh sure you can but it will take 1-2 days. Then I just go. I walk to CVS to get my drugs. Call my supervisor and tell her I won't be in the rest of the week and get home.

The next day is filled with tons of phone calls and pain. Trying to get that damn precert number. These people are retarted that freakin keep calling my work phone and leaving VM they are the ones that told me I have to stay home. I call the place that they tell me to call on my VM. They say they are unclear about the spelling of my last name. First of all I am thinking what the hell. I have filled out my name on about 1000 things I have gotten mailings from them with the correct last name how could they mess it up at this point???? and to make things worse I cannot understand what the woman's name is on the message. Apparently this is a very important piece of information. It sounds like she says her name is somebody. I listened to it several times. I asked Danny to listen too. Somebody. I call the number she left. The woman on the phone wants to know who left the message. Great uh it was Somebody. Uhh I will forward you to Alisa. OK. Ring Ring. Pharmacy. Uh do you handle referrals. No we are the pharmacy. Yeah uh ok. I call back the woman. Get VM lots of times. Finally get her. This time she forwards me to a private office. Great. I call back. I am a little frustrated at this point. I say why does it matter who called me can't someone else help me. Isn't there a record in the computer or something so you can see the status. She hangs up on me! Bitch!!!! I am about to give up then I decide to call the office where my back doctor is to see if they can do something. I leave a message. i sound pretty frustrated in the message I make sure to leave my home number and say that I am at home so please don't call my work number. I hear nothing. At about 4 I think to check my work VM and wouldn't you know it there is a message with my precert. Now all of the offices are closed and I have to wait to make my appointment tomorrow.

I am supposed to make a follow up appointment with my doctor a week after the MRI. I get an appointment for Friday night for the MRI. So I call my doctor's office to make an appointment for a week later and the woman says oh your doctor is going to be on vacation. The first appointment I can give you is for April 4. What the???? Why did she tell me she wanted to see me in a week then what the hell.

So basically that is where I am now. I had the MRI on Friday and I am back at work and I am just waiting till April 4 to see how I am. Although someone told me that I should call the office and see what the results of my MRI are. I might do that.

My back still hurts but it seems a lot better.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

the constant clicker

When I tell people about my cube neighbors mouse clicking they wonder what she is doing to cause this repetitive clicking. Some people say "she must be playing a game like a FPS or something." Some people say "maybe she is wearing a ring and it is exaggerating the clicking." Well people now I am intrigued. I want to go over and try and see if I can figure out what the heck is causing all of this mouse clicking. It is happening right now. It might take me a while but I will figure it out. OK wait something weird just happened. I distinctly heard her turning the page of either a newspaper or one of those flimsy newspaper like magazines like Computer World. But the clicking didn't stop. She coughs she is turning pages and the clicking continues. How could she possibly be this agile? The plot thickens.

Friday, February 03, 2006


The constant mouse clicking that comes from the cube next to me drives me insane. I swear one day I could see myself get up and take that mouse out of her hand and just smash it into a million pieces and then just hand it back to her with a smile. While I am at it the guy next to me clips his nails in his cubes and just lets them fly all over the place. And why are they always remodeling in this place. I am finally all settled into my new cube that I thought I could call home for a while and I found out that we are all going to be moving around in the summer. I don't want that despite the two things I mentioned above I like my cube it is very private. And in my old office they are doing like a complete overhaul. Didn't these people ever think of planning?

Ok so enough of that. Danny got a new job he starts February 20 and his hours will be 9:30 - 6. Before he starts the new job he has off a week or so. So we are going to Florida Feb. 10-14. My parents and my sister and her family will be there too. It should be fun. We are staying in my parent’s condo. It is in Kissimmee 4 miles from Orlando. We are going to go to Disney heheh and Universal. It will be fun.

Friday, December 09, 2005

I had no idea

Monday, November 14, 2005

i am most like Tenna - What The????

You're an extrovert!

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uhh i never thought of myself as an extrovert but maybe my sex talk makes me so.